Pontec MultiClear Set 20000

  • Combination of mechanical-biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
  • Floor drain for easy removal of coarse dirt
  • Oxygen enrichment thanks to special water flow
  • Easy to conceal as the filter housing can be ⅓ buried
  • Compact flow-through filter sets with Pontec clear water guarantee for ponds up to 20000 litres (without fish stocking)
  • Incl. pontec clear water guarantee
  • With 18 watt PondoTronic UVC pre-clarifier for the effective removal of floating algae
Article No: 93274

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Product Description


Ready for connection, the compact Pontec MultiClear flow-through filter set guarantees clear, healthy and clean water in ponds up to 20,000 litres without fish. The integrated UVC pre-clarifier (18 W) effectively removes floating algae and turbidity. In combination with the flow-through filter with several filter media, the set offers a clear water guarantee. Thanks to the floor drain, filter maintenance is simple and easy. Your guarantee: 2 years!