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Let the water flow – with the pond pumps from Pontec

Garden ponds are small natural experiences - fish and plants have their own habitat in your garden. But it will only become really lively when water is placed in motion.

Not to mention that water is a wonderful eye-catcher, and in different water features you can observe it in its most beautiful form. With the PondoVario fountain pumps from Pontec you control how the water dances and you can even connect a water spout figure. Thus, in addition to a small water show, vital oxygen is also supplied into the garden pond.

Do you prefer it smaller, more compact; do you want to set up a small water feature at times in the house and at times in the garden? Even this is possible!! Here Pontec offers you a number of PondoCompact room fountain pumps that are suitable indoors and outdoors. Discover the different models that are impressive in the wonderful details: An indoor fountain pump combined with light for small planter boxes, extending to the large statuary pump, which in addition can be dry-installed.

After all, proper movement in the water comes with the PondoMax filter and watercourse pumps from Pontec. Powerful, reliable, and above all energy-efficient, they pump the water to the pond filter and thus ensure regular recirculation of the pond. Different sizes of debris particles can be easily transported.


Discover the variety of possibilities with water – our pumps do the rest!