• Pond pumps

    Let the water flow – with our pumps for all areas of implementation.

  • Pond care

    Clear water and a clear view – with our care products

  • Illumination

    Radiantly lit views – illuminate your garden from a completely different aspect.

  • Pond construction

    Create your individual pond. Here you will find the suitable products.

Water garden fascination. It's easy!

Have you always wanted a beautiful garden pond like your neighbour? Or to create a splashing watercourse that flows gracefully into your pond, whilst you relax and watch the delightful play of water alongside your swimming fish?

Then simply get started - with Pontec! With Pontec it is easy and hassle-free to find the suitable products for your pond. Simply determine your pond size and your pond volume and select the product sets that is matched to your criteria. Within the sets there is a pond pump, filter and UVC clarifier which guarantees clear water!

Water features, pond illumination and decoration are incredibly easy and quick to install without complication.

Also discover the practical aids for pond care and maintenance, so that the water is clear throughout the year and fish remain healthy.

Looking for an instruction manual on pond construction? No problem – you can find it here!