Guarantee Conditions

On the products cited above, PfG grants the customer a two-year manufacturer's guarantee on material defects and manufacturing defects, wear parts (such as bulbs) are excluded, when the products are used as intended, and used as specified in the operating instructions. The guarantee period is based on the particular product and is marked on each product. The guarantee period starts with first-time new product purchase and is neither extended nor restarted through guarantee performances on our part; nor do legal guarantee claims occur on guarantee performances.

The prerequisite for making a claim under the guarantee is submission of the original purchase receipt with the product in question to PfG at the following address: PfG GmbH, Postfach 2069, 48469 Hörstel. At our discretion the guarantee claim extends to free-of-charge repair or resupply of spare parts or however, delivery of an equivalent replacement device; in those cases where we no longer manufacture the product type, we reserve the right to deliver at our discretion an equivalent replacement device from our product line. Reimbursement of expenses for removal and installation, inspection, claims for lost profit and/or compensation for damages are not covered by the guarantee, nor are more extensive claims for damages and losses, regardless of type, that have been caused by the device or its use.

The guarantee claim shall become null and void in the case of improper handling, electrical or mechanical damage, through misuse, and in the case of improper repair by workshops that are not authorised. Repairs must only be executed by PfG or by workshops authorised by PfG.

In supplementation, German law applies for this guarantee in accordance with these conditions; with exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The legal rights of the purchaser, particularly arising from the warranty, continue in effect and are not limited by this guarantee.

The data that is necessary for guarantee processing will be stored and forwarded to service providers commissioned by PfG in the scope required for processing. Address data and ordering data will be collected and processed for marketing purposes. For third party marketing purposes, only such data is passed on and in such a form as permitted by law, e.g. public data and certain data aggregated in lists in accordance with § 28, para. 3 no. 3 old version, and § 47 no. 2 new version of the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), and in accordance with § 28 para. 3 sentence 2 and sentence 2 in the amended version of the German Federal Data Privacy Law. The customer can stop the use, processing and exchange of his personal information for marketing purposes at any time by sending an informal letter by mail to the contact data cited below. However, this does not apply for the data required for processing the guarantee. After receipt of your revocation, PfG will cease to use, process or communicate your data for purposes other than processing the guarantee, and we will cease further sending of advertising material to you, including the sending our catalogues.

PfG GmbH
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