Pond care

Your garden pond is a near-natural body of water that is always exposed to different influences and inputs in the different seasons. The Pontec seasonal calendar serves as a reminder that you must care for and maintain your pond at regular intervals.


In the spring, your pond awakes from winter sleep, the trees and shrubs start to blossom and pollen is blown through the air. The water in the pond heats up and the fish become more active. Now is the right time to activate your filter system. Replace the bulb of your UVC clarifier so that the 100% functionality is also provided right from the start. The UVC replacement bulbs can be quickly and easily replaced - like changing a light bulb.

Also remember to remove pollen and blossoms from the surface of the pond. If not removed they sink to the pond floor and impair the biological balance of the pond. In this regard the PondoSkim skimmer provides optimal help, it gathers the debris directly into its removable basket.


Summer brings warm temperatures and this increases the oxygen consumption in the pond. Help your pond to really breathe deeply. The PondoAir pump sets provide additional oxygen for your fish and plants, and thus ensure good health. If you are now thinking increasing the number of fish or changing fish, the fish nets help with relaxed insertion or removal. The algae nets are also a good help for directly and easily removing floating plant remains.


In the fall, the garden pond is slowly prepared for winter and the leaves that are now falling must be removed from the pond. Naturally, this is where the skimmer and the PondoMatic sludge vacuum are used. Effective and powerful, it suctions sludge and remnants into its tank and it can be emptied automatically.

But things are also happening around the pond. Twigs and branches of near-by shrubs must be trimmed; with the pond scissors and pond pliers, twigs and branches to a distance of up to 125 cm can be conveniently reached.


In winter the garden pond with its fish and plants goes in into a rest phase and does not require any additional care. Other than if there is ice and snow on the pond, you should ensure the oxygen supply for your fish. Here, the PondoPolar ice preventer is an ideal aid; the two-piece polystyrene container floats on the water surface and ensures that the pond does not completely freeze over to -10°C. Thus the gas exchange required for fish and plants is ensured and you can look forward to healthy fish in the spring.