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Project garden pond - do you have everything you need?

The plans are made and you have them firmly in mind. You have organised your helpers and the pond project can get started. It's good that with Pontec you have a partner at your side that has uncomplicated and easy-to-install products, which in addition, are impressive with first-class performance!

If you have decided on a PVC liner pondwith underlying pond protecting fleece then you can design the shape of the pond as you desire. High-quality workmanship and robust material promise a long service life! And with the matching Liner adhesive you can interconnect the liner sections. The pre-formed plastic ponds in which plant zones are already integrated, are somewhat easier to install.

For placement of plant in a liner pond we recommend plant baskets, which are easy to use, and they protect the pond liner from plant roots. Here you can choose from a number of sizes!

Now the pond technology should be installed, and you need hoses to connect. Naturally, Pontec also has spiral hoses in its product line, which in different lengths and diameters fit every pond size, and thanks to the robust material, they are armed against wind and weather.

But perhaps you are not yet completely finished; do you want a watercourse that runs diagonally through your garden and ends in the pond? Wonderful, because Pontec offers you all possibilities for watercourse design with the three watercourse elements. Whether right, left, or straight - you can design the watercourse just the way you want it!

If you are now still lacking something on the pond or watercourse, take a look at our pond decoration product range. With the pond figures ducks and herons or the different Water spouts you bring additional life to the pond, which with the water lily PondoLily gets additional colour highlights.


Get started – with Pontec you have everything you need!