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Clear water and a clear view – thus your pond stays healthy!

What garden owner is not familiar with this scenario? In spring the wind blows blossoms, pollen and small leaves, in summer the sun shines directly into the pond, in autumn the leaves fall and in winter the pond water freezes. All of these natural influences impair the biological balance of the pond, which as a consequence the pond is permanently attempting to restore. Only a pond with a healthy balance has clear water and a good view of your fish.

You can certainly help your pond! In the large assortment of Pontec pond filters you always find the right filter, no matter what type of pond you have. Complete sets support you in making your selection and offer multiple functions in one product.

Thus the underwater filter sets PondDuett and PondoRell with UVC offer first-class filter functions combined with a water effect for smaller ponds or pools. If you simply want just a filter set, depending on pond size or supplemental watercourse, you can select from the PondoClear flow-through filter set, the MultiClear multi-chamber filter set or the PondoPress complete filter set. All filter sets are impressive with reliable filter media, integrated UVC clarifier and powerful filter pumps.

And please note – Pontec grants a Clear Water Guarantee on all filter sets with UVC!

But there is even more you could do! The useful Pontec pond helpers facilitate the work for you and your pond. The PondoAir air pump set provides additional oxygen to the pond, which is in short supply particularly in the sunny months. With the PondoSkim skimmer you pull leaves or remnants of blossoms off of the water surface and into a practical collection basket. And if the debris is now on the pond floor, this is no problem whatsoever with the PondoMatic sludge vacuum. They simply suction the particles out with full power! But even in winter we do not forget the pond with fish; when the surface freezes over the fish no longer have enough oxygen. The PondoPolar ice preventer ensures an ice-free area, and thus the necessary gas exchange. We help you with your pond!

There is always something to do on the pond – Pontec helps you in this regard!