Tips & tricks

Tips & tricks



Possible causes


Simple remedy

Algae infestation


Excessive fish stock and excessive feeding form a nutrient surplus in the water


Remove fish, / feed them less / use a Pontec® / pond filter



Falling leaves and remains of dead plants


Skim off / suction off leaves and plant remains / use Pontec® pond filters



Too few plants / wrong plant selection


Change the plantings



Shallow pond (water warms more intensively, thus there is more algae growth)


Use Pontec® pond filters, recirculate the water



Pond has been newly created? Balance could not yet be established


Fish out the algae or vacuum it out with Pontec® PondoMatic








Algae slick (through string algae)


Removal with the pond pliers / net / vacuum off with PondoMatic L/XL



Suspended solids


Use Pontec® pond filters



Suspended algae


Use Pontec® pond filter with UVC light



Excessive fish stock / excessive feed


Remove fish with the pond net / feed less



Pond is out of balance


Partial water change

Water loss


Normal evaporation or evaporation through watercourse


Add water



No capillary barrier (wicking effect through the plants and soil adjacent to the pond)


Build a capillary barrier between water and garden plants










Patch the leak (tip: Condensed milk in the water locates the leak point)

Diseased fish, dying fish


Harmful organisms (bacteria, virus, parasites, etc.)


Use Pontec® filter with UVC device




Pontec® pond filter with UVC light, partial water change

Plant damage


Plant pests


Ask the specialist at the dealer




Partial water change



Excessive protein or excessive phosphate content


Use Pontec® pond filter, avoid fertiliser entry, check the fish feeding, partial water change