Pond accessories

What filter products do I need in the fish pond?

For a fish pond you a reliable filter system. An effectively functioning system consists of a pond pump, pond filter and UVC clarifier. The advantage of Pontec is that suitable sets have already been put together for you. If you know your pond size, the selection can be made quickly.

You select a multi-chamber filter set, MultiClear Set, want fish in the pond and have a pond size of 3000 litres. Because the MultiClear Set 8000 is designed for fish ponds up to 4000 litres, the capacity is optimally matched to your pond size. All components that are required for guaranteed clear water are already included: Pond pump, UVC clarifier and multi-chamber filter! And it fits perfectly in your pond!

What product do I need for a water feature, which at same time has filter functions

However, if you would rather enliven your pond with a water feature, you can simply use the PonDuett and PondoRell underwater filter sets. Both combine the water effect with an underwater filter - the PondoRell, also even includes a UVC clarifier and Clear Water Guarantee. Fast and uncomplicated!

How do I select if I only need a pump?

Likewise, when selecting a filter pump, the volume of the garden pond is required. For clear and healthy water, the water should be recirculated within 8 hours in a pond without fish. For ponds with fish, recirculation every 4 hours is recommended, on the other hand with Koi, recirculation every 2 hours is recommended.

If you have a fish pond with 6000 litres, then you require the filter pump PondoMax Eco 1500, it recirculates the entire 6000 litres within 4 hours! This pump reliably and powerfully pumps the debris into the filter.
Nevertheless, please bear in mind that for your particular pump selection, it may also be necessary to take friction losses and height differences into account.

In the decision for a fountain you can chose between the PondoVario fountain pumps with 4 different fountain attachments and the indoor fountain pump PondoCompact. The latter can be used outdoors, as well as indoors.

What do I need for a watercourse?

If the garden pond will be fed by a watercourse, then it is good idea to use a pressure filter. The cleaned water can be channelled up to 1 m in height and thus can easily reach the watercourse. In this case as well, Pontec offers the right PondoPress pressure filter sets for you.