Clear Water Guarantee

With filling out of this registration form you receive a Pontec Clear Water Guarantee in accordance with the following conditions Clear Water Guarantee (PDF download).

You can apply for the guarantee by filling out the form that is included with your product. Please send the filled out form either by post to the following address:

PfG GmbH
Tecklenburger Str. 161
48477 Hörstel

or alternatively you can also apply for the guarantee online. To do this, please fill out the following form carefully, enter your address, and click Send. You will receive an E-mail as confirmation.

Our PfG Data protection applies for the data we collect for guarantee processing.

We are confident that you will be very satisfied with your Pontec product.

Print out the confirmation email and keep it in a safe place. The Clear Water Guarantee is only valid in conjunction with this printout, a copy of the purchase receipt, which lists the original retail price, as well as a verifiably correct application of the Pontec products.

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