Ice preventer PondoPolar Air

Polystyrene float prevents ponds from completely freezing over.

Product highlights at a glance:
  • Keeps a point on the pond surface free of ice to -15°C
  • Gas exchange through vent slots
  • With 100 l/h air pump (IP44)
Article No: 57685

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Product Description


The Pontec PondoPolar Air ice preventer is a float and is used to prevent ponds from completely freezing over at temperatures to -15 degrees Celsius. It has a ballast chamber and thus can be filled with sand as ballast for individual submerged placement. Thanks to the vent slots the important gas exchange also occurs for an otherwise frozen pond. The provided 100 l/h air pump, which is fully suitable for outdoor use (protection class IP44) is used for additional aeration and movement of the water. The Pontec PondoPolar Air ice preventer is made of polystyrene.